Brand, a lyrical symphony (2017)
for ténor and orchestra
duration 33′

Les Interstices, #1 (2016)
for symphonic orchestra
duration 17′

Diptyque entourant la caresse (2016)
 for harpischord and instrumental ensemble
duration 25′

Symphony N°1 — Dualités (2015)
for symphony orchestra
duration 40′

Topos Tempo (2014)
cycle of 8 sequences for non-professionnal orchestra
duration 24′

Intermede sur rien (2012)
for symphonic orchestra, children choir and slameurs
duration 16’

Les Indociles (2011)
concerto for violin and orchestra
duration 16’

Le Monologue de l’Ange (2009)
for soprano and chamber orchestra
duration 25’

Preface en Prose (2005-07)
for choir, chamber orchestra and reciter
duration 40’

Denote (2004)
for instrumental ensemble
duration 14’

Cinq Point Un (2004)
for 16 violins in room space
duration 7’

chamber music

La ligne claire (2017)
for snare drum quartet
duration 16′

La marcheuse aux pieds bleus (2015)
musical tale for reciter and piano
duration 17′

Hamlet Machine (2014)
for two altos
duration 5’30 

Blanche (2014)
musical tale for piano and reciter
duration 28′

isonata (2013)
for alto and piano
duration 20′

Litanies, couleurs de sables (2011)
for cellos quartet
duration 15’

Un peu plus loin, de plus près (2008)
for percussion and soprano saxophon
duration 16’

Crier, toujours… (2008)
for guitar duet
duration 15’

Rond’heur (2005)
for harp, electroacoustic and percussion
duration 12’

Complexes (2003)
for piano, clarinet and cello – Edition Question de Tempérament
duration 5’

Onde Métatulative (2003)
for four percussionnists
duration 9’

vocal music

Des Cris! (2018)
for mixed choir, poems by Achille Sevin
duration 7′

War is kind (2017)
cycle for cello and women choir, poems by Stephen Crane
duration 32′

Sans Frontières Fixes (2017)
melodies for voice and piano, poems by Jean-Pierre Siméon
duration 18′

Les trois mélodies lourdes (2017)
melodies for soprano and piano, text by Charles Baudelaire
duration 23′

Stabat Mater Speciosa (2016)
for women choir
duration 27′

Le Horla (2016)
melody for tenor and piano, text by Guy de Maupassant
duration 7′

Le roi fait battre tambour (2016)
musical arrangement for female voices
duration 7′

Das Schlossgespenst und die drei Musketiere (2016)
mobile opera for 4 singers a capella, libretto by Enke Eisenberg
duration 26′

Soy Mucho Mas (2015)
melodies for mezzo-soprano and piano
poems by Eyda T. Machin
duration 11′

Vanda, chamber opera (2015)
for mezzo-soprano, viola da gamba and electronic
libretto by Jean-Pierre Siméon
duration 65′

Les Inattendus (2015)
cycle for women choir
duration 23′

Ulysse (2014)
for baryton (or tenor) and string orchestra
duration 25’

Entrechocs (2014)
for women choir
duration 6’

Make a dream (2014)
for women choir
duration 6’

Medea Kali (2012)
chamber opera for soprano, saxophon, viola, cello, piano and electronics
libretto by Laurent Gaudé
duration 75’

Un brasier d’étoiles (2010)
for soprano and piano
poems by Alain Borne
duration 38’

Je voudrais (2010)
for voice and piano, poem by Alain Borne
duration 3’40

Comme si le jour (2010)
for baryton and piano
duration 5’

Temps suspendu (2009)
for soprano and piano
duration 5’

Point de Fuite (2003)
for women choir
duration 10’

stage music

Sheherazad (2013)
choreography by Marco Becherini

Le corps à l’ouvrage (2009)
directed by Nicole Yanni, text by Ronan Chéneau

Européana, une brève histoire du XX° siècle (2008)
Groupe Merci (Solange Oswald and Joël Fesel), from text by Patrick Ourednik

Papier d’Arménie (2007)
directed by Olivier Arnéra, text by Caroline Safarian

L’obscurité (2005)
directed by Nicole Yanni, text by P. Jaccottet


Table Mash Up (2015)
composition for an educational corpus of 5 films (Cinéma Alhambra)

Utopie Naoshima – Dream on the tongue (2015)
Documentary film by Claire Laborey – Production Films de Force Majeure

Amour Planctonique (2000)
Director by Emilie Colin

Faux Pli (2000)
Director Aurélyen Daudet

La Montagne Bleue – cartoon (1999)
Director : Julien Coulomb


Suite 715 (2015)
for bassoon
duration 12’45

Suite 327 (2015)
for bassoon
duration 3’30

Le Verre d’eau (2014)
for viola and electroacoustic
duration 3’30

Nuit Blanche (2013)
for piano
duration 7’30

Dans les yeux... (2011)
for piano
duration 12’30

Sombres, clairs, rouges (2010)
for organ
duration 10’

Grimace (2005)
for baritone saxophon and effects
duration 6’

Allegro con Velo (2005)
for violin
duration 5’

Nanomacronodie (2003)
for electric guitar
duration 7’

Aride, Avide, Acide (2003)
for clarinet
duration 13’


Eolienne (2006)
on octophony audio support
duration 9’

28’15’’  (2005)
duration 28’15

pop music

Love songs (2018)
Song cycle for guitar and voice chanson, poems by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore and Lionel Ginoux
duration 48’

Geronimo sort de la brume (2013)
for slam and piano
duration 5′

#OAO (2006)
for amplifier instrumental ensemble
duration 18’

Minimal (2005)
for amplifier instrumental ensemble
duration 12’

educational works

Symphonie des courants d’air (2017)
for string orchestra (1st year)

Juliette (2014)
(strings duet level cycle 1)

Malcom & Donalbain (2014)
(strings duet level cycle 2)

Hamlet Machine (2014)
(strings duet level cycle 3)

Roem (2012)
educational show from the comic Julia & Roem by Enki Bilal

La jeune fille au carton à chapeau (2008)
educational show on Boris Barnet’s film

Trio flûte (2007)
for flûte, alto flûte and bass flûte
duration 4’30

Trio (2007)
for violin, cello and piano
duration 5’

Quatuor Sax (2007)
for saxophone quartet and piano
duration 4’

4 à 4 (2007)
 for clarinet, violin, cello and xylophon
duration 4’15