Geronimo sort de la brume (2013)

text Dizzylez


After our exciting artistic collaboration on the piece Intermède sur rienDizzylez asked me a piece of music for his second album. He wanted for his album all musics composed by different composers, with different aesthetics and he would write the texts once the music would written. Exciting idea … He told me about his image : the feathers and Indians of the Americas. I thought of a piece for piano appealing to the resonances of the piano in order to leave the freedom of speech and the gush of words.

Geronimo sort de la brume” is, among other things, the story of Geronimo’s journey to his (last) abode. The true story, which hovers but is not mentioned in the song is worthy of a tragic comedy: after a very drinking evening, the great chief makes a fall of a horse and finishes his night in the snow. He is found in the morning and dies three days later in the hospital, carried away by pneumonia. It is Lionel Ginoux who composed this piece with these indications (“piece for piano”, “Indians, feathers, angels”). Again Thank you … and nice work my dear! (Dizzylez)




duration 5′


The album Aux Anges here

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Dizzylez, slam
Vincent Truel, piano