Crier, toujours…    (2008)


At the beginning of « Crier toujours »’s writing, I had just finished the composition of Preface en Prose, a work for choir, chamber orchestra and reciter, according to an eponymous text by Benjamin Fondane. At that moment I was always absorbed by the poetry of Benjamin Fondane and I liked this phrase of him: “Shout always, until the end of the world”. In my opinion, it summarizes his poetry, at least the one that had fascinated me. Our life is a struggle and Fondane was driven by a particular form of revolt and reflection on evil, a philosophy of « non-resignation.”

Musically, I connected this idea of fighting with the sensation that gave me the fugal entries, and more precisely the fugues « endiablés » of Charles-Valentin Alkan. And as I was writing for the guitar, an instrument I practiced, I unconsciously let appear the influences of Marc Ducret, a guitarist whom I find admirable.


2 guitares


duration 15′