Le Verre d’eau for viola and electroacoustic (2014)


Write a short piece about the meal … My first thought was the “glass of water”. Strange … Perhaps because water is for me the indispensable element to the good course of a meal and the appreciation of each of the dishes. The glass of water removes the taste of the previous dish and prepare to enjoy the following …

Water flat, sparkling water, mineral water, spring water, water “château la pompe” … A vast palette of taste however odorless and colorless. But does transparency do not reveal the hidden meaning ?

Sylvain Durantel ©Frédéric Moreau


1 viola



duration 4′

premiere 5 july 2015 Sylvain Durantel viola // Abbaye de Graville


The entire disc la cuisine à l’alto 


last performance
19 may 2016, Sylvain Durantel viola // Barr — Alsace
21 june 2018, Sylvain Durantel viola // Nancy