Les interstices for orchestra

The interstices are and will be a cycle of pieces for orchestra with the characteristic that each piece of the cycle will be written for an orchestra of different size. It is a desire to exploit the colors of different types of orchestras. With Interstices, I want to work on short piece shapes of maximum 10/15 minutes long. The cycle, Les Interstices will develop works for : string orchestra, chamber orchestra, symphonic orchestra wood by 2, symphonic orchestra wood by 3.



Les interstices #1 for symphonic orchestra

The interstices # 1 is, for this first piece, a re-reading and a condensation of my piece Intermede sur rien, commissioned by the Avignon Symphonic Orchestra, who had been written in school for symphonic orchestra, non-professionnal children choir and slammer. The envy with this new work was to revisit and rethink my ideas developped in Intermède sur rien and propose an instrumental work for symphonic orchestra with the same idea but a different development.


2 flutes (with one piccolo)
2 oboe (with one english horn)
2 clarinets in Bb (with one bass clarinet)
2 bassoons (with one contrabassoon)
2 horns in F 
2 trumpets in ut
1 tenor trombone
1 percussion
7 violins I
6 violins II
5 violas
4 cellos
2 double basses with one 5 strings


duration 17′