Topos Tempo for orchestra and electronics


Participatory project initiated by gmem-CNCM-marseille and ANEF Provence, Topos Tempo aims to put musical creation at the service of a project of meeting and exchange between artists and a public. Topos Tempo appropriates differences and invents a listening field between people who are distant from creative music and amateur musicians.

Topos Tempo is a piece written for orchestra and electronics, a joint writing between composer Pôm Bouvier and composer Lionel Ginoux. The creation of this piece is a creation in situ with people in difficulty in life and in reintegration. The first step was to meet these young people and collect their words through interviews. From these interviews, the writing of the scores was woven as and when. A frame has been pre-defined. We then assembled all the elements during the rehearsals :


  • Périphérie
  • Jardin suspendu
  • Profondeur
  • Flottant
  • Intime souffle
  • Vers un ailleurs
  • Massif
  • Urbain


2 flutes
1 oboe
1 clarinet in Bb
1 horn in F
1 trumpet in Bb
1 trombone
1 tuba
4 altos
4 cellos
2 doublebasses


duration 40′

premiere 12 june 2014, Orchestre Moderne et Contemporain, youth and stakeholders from ANEF Provence, Sébastien Boin cond., salle musicatreize

commissioned by gmem-cncm-marseille