Avide, Aride, Acide

Dedicated to Pierre-Anaël Hébert


This is my very first piece I wrote. The starting point of this piece is a play on words. I wanted to change one letter from the word « Avide » and find two other words of different character. This gave me Aride and Acide.

I had three words, three characters that would give me three different movements. The music was for me, at that time, very visual.

Avide, I had the image of a small molecule that circulates in the human body. It is an incessant movement of quintolet, which, according to its trajectory and the perturbations encountered, takes sudden musical changes.

Aride is the desert. Desert of notes (only six notes are used in groups of four). It is a work on the timbre and expressiveness of the clarinet.

Acide is the bitterness of taste. The sharp register of the clarinet that can disturb the ear.


1 clarinet in Bb


duration 13′

premiere may 2003, Pierre-Anaël Hébert, Music Conservatory of Marseille

published by Note en bulle Editions






Pierre-Anaël Hébert, clarinet


Last performance 24 july 2016, Pierre-Anaël Hébert, Festival de Chaillol