Les Inattendus for women choir


Les Inattendus is a cycle of pieces for non-professional women choir. The poems that I put into music are by the authors: Florence Pazzottu, Kathleen Raine, Louise de Vilmorin and Andrée Chédid. The cycle is composed of parts :

  • Les attendus
  • Une femme à son amant
  • Passionnément
  • Epreuves du langage

It is a cycle commissioned by the choir La Belle Equipe and therefore written especially for these eight women. I met La Belle Equipe at a concert they were doing at Le point de Bascule. I really appreciated their investment. They are passionate and give the best in the interpretation of vocal works. They are invested to give the best to the public. I am sensitive to this approach. Recover the pleasure of sharing by music.

With this cycle, the idea was to design short pieces that could be interwoven or interpreted in isolation. For composition, I started from their vocal level and their repertoire. I found it interesting to take inspiration from their work to begin mine.

I have adopted a varied and contrasted writing. I used crosses in musical aesthetics. The popular melodies meet more complex harmonies, the noise meets consonant chords. The rhythm is very present as well as the spoken words…

One of the constraints I was given was that the scores should be memorized. So I worked on this idea of how to write creative music that can be hold easily…



4 soprano
4 mezzo-soprano


duration 24′

Editor Editions A Coeur Joie

premiere La Belle équipe, Brigitte Cirla direction.

commissioned by  la Belle Equipe – Les Indéchiffrables