Ulysse for baritone or tenor and string orchestra
poems by Benjamin Fondane


Ulysses is a cycle of three melodies for baritone (or tenor) and string orchestra. The poems are by Benjamin Fondane.

The desire to write this cycle was the desire to compose a score for the voice of a solo man and especially the desire to put again poems by Benjamin Fondane in music. I really love this author and his poems. A very human poetry. A poetry of “irresignation” that gives voice to the people and the “little people”. I chose three poems from his book of poetry Ulysses. Music and colors came by working on text, words and images.

At the beginning of this piece, the vocal writing is for baritone, but a particular baritone voice which must really be at ease in the acute register. As I thought of a voice for baritone unusual (a little out of the standard !!) I also propose with some modifications, the score for tenor.



baritone or tenor
string orchestra


duration 25′