Suite 715
Dedicated to Stéphane Coutable eand Hervé Issartel


Suite 715 and Suite 327 are two interrelated pieces. Initially, Marion Liotard asked me to compose a piece for bassoon. She completed her bassoon studies at the music conservatory and had to pass her “end of study”. I was very excited to write for the bassoon, I composed a piece for her and for her price… but in the end, the piece was too difficult and too long for a study piece. Marion worked the piece entirely and then together we chose the musicals elements that were interesting for her level. I then developed, modified and assembled them into the Suite 327, a piece for more educational intention.

Then I took advantage of the fact that I had other musicals elements on my work sheet to develop a second piece, more virtuoso, the Suite 715. I then worked with bassoonists Stéphane Coutable and Hervé Issartel to refine this second piece and to better know the possibilities of playing on the bassoon. Besides, Stéphane showed me a type of game that I immediately integrated into the piece!

The titles do not refer to the baroque suite. I had as imaginary the number of a hotel room …





duration 12’45

published by Note en bulle Editions