Soy mucho mas
poems by Eyda T. Machin

dedicated to Marie-Ange Todorovitch


1. Soy mucho mas

2. Amo en ti


It is the meeting with the poet Eyda Machin, native from cuba, a generous and enthusiastic woman, who made me want to write these new melodies. One evening, after a concert, around a table and a drink, Eyda read me her poems. I was caught by these words, seduced by the strength of the images …

These poems speak about love and death. I wrote the cycle of melodies “Un brasier d’étoiles” few years ago on love poems by Alain Borne. I found it interesting to compose another cycle of melodies on the same theme on love, but with woman words :

“The poems confront the reader with the feelings of a woman who knows the abysses of human existence. The coexistence of love and death manifests itself in a great richness of images which offers us more than mere appearances. He discovers an expressive woman who constitutes the essential force of this poetry. A vast territory of the erotic language is used “.

These poems are written in Spanish (and edited in trilingual version: Spanish, German, French). I chose the Spanish words. I wanted, by the musicality of the words, to capture the musical and rhythmic colors of the Spanish and Latin American music.


1 mezzo-soprano
1 piano 


duration 11′

premiere 24 march 2017, Marie-Ange Todorovitch mezzo-soprano, Marion Liotard piano // Féminin Pluriel, Château de Flaugergues, Montpellier