Un peu plus loin, de plus près for percussion and soprano saxophone (2008)

A success for a dense composition with a bold instrumentation full of resources (Frédéric Isoletta)

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Asaxweb – december 2017

Saxophone and percussion are emblematic instruments used in contemporary writing. This duet has a very broad repertoire, and the marriage of rich and varied stamps have inspired many composers such as Edison Denisov, Christian Lauba, Pierre Jodlovski, Philippe Hurel, José Manuel Lopez-Lopez, Carlos Grätzer, Daniel Tosi and many others.

Lionel Ginoux enters in the circle of composers who wrote very beautiful pages for this formation. Un peu plus loin, de plus près is a work that makes us travel through a variety of sounds and distinct environments, changing and beautiful. The palettes of timbres, sounds, rhythms and motifs used are the result of a structure and musical association of an accomplished composer who perfectly master his art of writing. The melodies built by the soprano saxophone are highlighted by the timbres of skins and percussive sound palettes. The phrases of the wind instrument are sometimes soft and smooth, sometimes percussive and incisive, sometimes singing melodies like incantations.

This piece is perfectly successful both in terms of compositional mastery, as well as in mastery and musical richness.

My opinion: a composition of a very great performance for your concerts.

Stéphane Sordet


Zibeline, Cultural Magazine – december 2010

Incisif – The festival Convergences started on a steady pace at GMEM on Dec. 2! Opening promising for a mini festival of singular encounters, the duo composed of Lucie Antunes percussion and Joël Versavaud saxophones has reassured those who doubted such an association. (…)
Very warmly welcomed, the creation of Lionel Ginoux entitled A little further, more closer… succeeded the bet to evoke sounds backed up by a rich percussive palette emphasizing the skins on percussion, associating them with a modern writing where the saxophone soprano could weave its melodies, sometimes litany, sometimes incisive. A success for a dense composition with a bold instrumentation full of resources, as this duo of instrumentalists offering their talent to a music still too little known.

Frédéric Isoletta


1 soprano saxophone
1 percussion


duration 16′

premiere 2 december 2010 – Festival Convergences – gmem – Marseille
Lucie Antunes, percussion
Joël Versavaud, saxophone

published by Note en bulle Editions



last performance 3rd january 2015, Ensemble Offrandes — la Fonderie — Le Mans
Stéphane Charlot, saxophone
Jean-Christophe Garnier, percussion