Point de fuite, for female voices (10 voices) (2003)


Poem by Sarah Kéryna



My meeting with Sarah was at the Biennial of Young Artists in Marseille. I was seduced from the first listen by his poetry. At that time, in 2002, I wanted to write for the voice and especially for women’s choir. I naturally addressed myself to Sarah, who introduced me to several of these texts. I was very attracted to writing Point de fuite. I loved this very original poetry. I loved its musicality, its puns, its rhythm and also the images and contrasts that emanated from them. Punches like « Choc et saccade » amused me a lot.

In writing the music, I wanted to translate Sarah’s poem, the colors, the images, the rhythm and repetition games, the landscapes that pass in front of our eyes.


5 sopranos
5 mezzo-sopranos


duration 10′

Editor Editions A Coeur Joie

premiere december 2005 – GRIM Festival Nuit d’hiver
Ensemble C.Barré choir
Sébastien Boin, conductor


with Lisa Magrini, Julia Beaumier, Loreline Mione, Adèle Pons, Marion Schürr, Servane Lombard, Eva Moussiegt, Véronique Van Lerberghe, Madeleine Webb, Anne Périssé dit Préchaq

Sébastien Boin, conductor

Recording to GRIM – Montévidéo – Marseille

Sound engineer Erik Billabert


december 2005 : Grim-Marseille,

october 2007 : in Arles, St Chamas, Toulon, Marseille (Les Dominicains)