Grimace, for baritone saxophone and sound track (2005)


Dedicated to Joël Versavaud



GrimaceChaillol_02copyright Alexandre Chevillard



A fit                          A shout. Anger…                       Slam !!!



A quality of tone        ________ improvised sonority ?

___________ Virtuoso music ?


Working on spontaneity, energy

_______________ the solistes presence __________ Music on…

____________________________ pulsation ?

_____________ Out of step…



____ flashes of light,

___________________ Outbursts of sound

_____________________________ Random circuits.

________________________________________ And after ?


Tension, hush…

Very nice concert piece for baritone solo. Successful! (Stéphane Sordet)

press quote


asaxweb – december 2007

This very beautiful piece for baritone saxophone, composed in two large parts, uses a loop pedal, or a CD recording of the part that is to be heard with this effect.

The first part (quarter note to 132), very rhythmic, uses quarter tones. This part gives the impression of a rhythmic improvisation, which is developed and constructed. The difficulties lie in the pulsation aspect, the use of quarter tones, the integration of the slap in certain traits.

The second part (quarter note to 120), is based on a continuous stream of sixteenth notes, and uses circular breathing. At the end of this part, the loop effect appears.

The lines are not necessarily simple, certain passages between the different ranges, and the use in sixteenth notes of the acute register may prove delicate.

The end of this virtuoso part, works on the repetition of notes interspersed with appoggiatures.

To conclude, a brief return to the atmosphere of the beginning closes this work.

My opinion: very beautiful piece of concert for baritone solo. Successful!

Stéphane Sordet


1 baritone saxophone
1 loop-station (ou cd)


duration 6′

premiere october 2005 Quid Novi (Avignon) Joël Versavaud

published by Note en bulle Editions


by Joël Versavaud – CD Mai Solo


last performance

8 april 2016 – Holly Mc Cagny – Calgary (Canada)